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Angling isn't just about catching fish you know, its about a creative pursuit and spending time with friends and enjoying your surroundings. This week some of our members got a little creative, Mikey Draper made a nice collage of his and Sean's angling adventures of the 2015/16 season (pictured on the right), and Sean decided to do a fun little stone drawing of his desired quarry (pictured on the left) – shame you can't catch them that big, eh Sean!?

End of season note to the Steeple Aston Angling Club...

It seems like only last week that we were all piling the fishing gear out of the cars on the first match, but another season has drawn to a close for Steeple Aston Angling Club. We have many stories to tell with some great fish taken by our members, not to mention solid numbers making to the bank come rain or shine. I want to say a huge thank you to all who attended matches and all those who made them possible, and here's to another successful season.

Sean Simms


New scales just in time!!!

The match at Aynho this weekend (23/10/2016) was a really close encounter and the new scales (pictured first right) that SAAC purchased could not have arrived at a better time. With quarter-ounce increments, these canal/river scales were just what the club needed with just half an ounce separating Geoff and Dianes' weights for 6th and 7th spots, and half an ounce separating 2nd and 3rd place between Graham and Cliff. The scales also had a decent test under the strain of 8lb 11oz caught by Rob (pictured second right) Cheer up Rob, you just won the match! :)

Flowers sent from Steeple Aston AC in Memory of George

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2016-17 AGM: Friday 5th May @ Bodicote, Horse & Jockey – 7:30pm


2015-16 AGM: Friday 6th May @ Bodicote, Horse & Jockey – 7:30pm



Our anglers fish for many reasons – camaraderie, a bit of healthy competition to keep the grey matter in check, but most important of all we would say it's for the opportunity to get their name engraved on one of these magnificent pieces of silverware (pictured right). Some of these trophies date back to the 1950s and each angler, once presented with the trophy at the annual AGM, is allowed to take it home and set in in pride of place on the mantle for the whole year.  


Crucian Carp

Not often does an angler get to catch a specimen as fine as our treasurer caught last weekend – and on the waggler too! Although this carp looks tiny compared to its 60lb relatives, the crucian carp record is (un)officially only between 4-5lb... so this 2lb 8oz fish really is a monster. Well done Ant, hope everyone enjoys the close-up of this fish (pictured right) in all its resplendent glory, shimmering in the May sunlight.

23 May 2016


​Due to weed growth and low oxygen in the water this match has been cancelled. A replacement will be added at the end of the season, TBA for 24/03/2019


Impressive catch on the fly!

At Steeple Aston AC we welcome all anglers, as far as we are concerned, if you like to dangle a line in the water, then you are part of the family! John, the most local of our club anglers, is a accomplished fly angler with a superb list of species caught using only the fly. Last weekend John achieved something very special and manged to catch a tench – one of the most well known bottom-feeding fish in the UK – on the fly. I think I speak for the entire club when I say that this is incredible, so well done John and thanks for the super pictures of the beast who came foul to an imitation bloodworm pattern.

A fond farewell to George Beasley

It was with great sadness that Steeple Aston AC had to say a fond farewell to one if its most treasured members in August this year. George Beasley fished with the club for over five decades, rarely missing a match and always bringing a smile to the bank. George was well known for his infectious laugh and constant whistling – a really handy technique in keeping his competitors awake on those frosty winter mornings on the Chewell. Many members of Georges family also fished with the club over the decades, and still do to this day... following in his footsteps as one of the most loved members of Steeple Aston AC, and setting a great example for anglers young and old. We will really miss George, to us he will always be part of the club and still joins us in spirit each Sunday morning.

Tight lines and God Bless, George.

From all at Steeple Aston AC