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Here are the matches for the coming season...

21 December 2014

* Happy New Year anglers one and all! *

Perch on the Thames at Eynsham

The Eynsham match held this weekend came up trumps with a variety of fish caught. The winning weight included a large slab, caught by the venue expert, Antony Morley. Several members caught impressive perch - Mikey Draper weighed a specimen that tipped the scales at exactly 3lb, then Several pegs later, Graham Smith pulled out his net with a pike big enough to take the lead on the specimen cup and a perch that just pipped Mikey at 3lb and 8drms.   

Lovely 'Chubley'

The match at Inkpens this weekend saw a good turnout and was enjoyed by all eleven anglers. The match was won by Graham Smith with a rare roach-bream hybrid on this venue, with another smaller one being caught several pegs away too. The best fish of the day was a chub that went 2lb 4oz, caught by Kevin Simms from the snaggy bend. He caught the specimen on red maggot but was pipped to second place by his son with 2lb 8oz of smaller chub and roach.


Still going strong

As the club finishes another successful season, I thought it apt to show you all a newspaper cutting I found in the archive at the Banbury guardian. Over 50 years on and just as enthusiastic as ever!

S. Simms

15 August 2015

1 January 2016

29 December 2015

22 June 2015

Not just competitors, friends too...

As Christmas passed and the New Year was upon us, the anglers of Steeple Aston Angling Club came together for a lovely days pleasure fishing for Grayling on the Kennet, with a fair few trout thrown in for good measure! Nine of the anglers attended the trip organised by Kevin, showing that away from the club matches, the anglers still enjoy spending time together - a really decent bunch of lads who are the best of friends, enjoying a passion for angling and priceless camaraderie born from Steeple Aston AC.

Rare and beautiful... (the fish =P)

Some thought is was a koi carp, others thought it was an orf, but nobody expected to see an albino grass carp on the bank at the end of the match. Baits were dropped in front of this fish all day with no interest, until a perfectly placed dog biscuit on the surface tempted the carrot-like creature. Nice!

TOP LEFT: The 2014-15 Steeple Aston AC picture
TOP RIGHT: Antony looking pleased with the win
BOTTOM LEFT: The Matchmans Shield winner
BOTTOM RIGHT: The Steeple Aston AC committee

Glamour on the bank

For the first time in around a decade, Steeple Aston Angling Club welcomed a female angler to the bank this Sunday. Diane, the daughter of George Beasley (who has fished with the club for over 50 years), had an impressive catch of a wide variety of species from Paxton Pool. Well done Diane, you really showed the men how it's done!

Some Images from the 2014-15 AGM held on 22 May 2015

Fish make prizes at Christmas!

So it's that time of year again where the hardy members of Steeple Aston AC brave the cold weather to compete in the Christmas match for the prized Ken Simms Christmas Shield and a smorgasbord of fantastic prizes. From cash to gin and crackers to beer, everyone went away happy – and that's what Christmas is all about!

06 July 2015

8 September 2014

Avon Magic 

The first match of the season was at Barford on the Warwickshire Avon. For many, it was a struggle, as the river hadn't yet kicked into gear, however 3 anglers landed on the larger fish. Antony Morley won with 27lb 13oz consisting of 6 Chub and a 9lb Barbel on the Avon stick with maggot. The Barbel even jumped clear of the water as it tore downstream, but was subdued on 6lb line. Rob Miller pushed close for 2nd with 2 Barbel and other smaller fish for 22lb 7oz. Graham Smith found a chub and a bream for 3rd with 10lb 8oz

A. Morley
Hon. Treasurer

9 November 2014

14 March 2015

Facebook Launch!

To mark the launch of our Facebook site, here are a selection of recent images from the bank, compliments of Mikey Draper.

26 October 2014

Inkpens and Rousham update

Just for those members who may need a reminder, remember the additional rules at Inkpens and Rousham are as follows;

  • - No fishing in the summer until the farmer has cut the fields.
  • ​- No fishing in front of the house on the Inkpens stretch or past the first straight over the Rousham side.
  • - Do not disrupt any of the natural shrubbery or leave any litter.

Many thanks for your continued co-oporation.

S. Simms